Your Electronic Parts Specialist

Electronic Components

PPMG is a broad-based, independent stocking distributor of new, obsolete and/or hard-to-find semiconductors, IC, relays, connectors, switches and MIL-Spec components. For more information or to submit an RFQ, contact our parts specialists at or 203-567-0221.

Cleanroom Supplies

PPMG Carries a full line of Cleanroom products including disposable lab coats, hoods, & face masks, bouffant caps, shoe covers, virtually every type of cleanroom glove (including Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile, & Sterile), glove liners, finger cots, and more. Contact a representative at or 203-567-0221

ESD Solutions

PPMG is an authorized distributor for Static Solutions, Inc., and Century Container Corporation products including the complete line of Centurianョ ESD Protective Packaging. For low pricing and great service contact a representative at or 203-567-0221. We池e your Clean Room and ESD Supply Specialists!

Preferred Lighting Solutions

A subsidiary of PPMG

Preferred Lighting Solutions is a leading distributor of LED , CFL, Induction & CMH lighting. Our customer base consists of Domestic and International Commercial, Municipal as well as Residential accounts. 
We are truly a one stop shop  handling  everything from design to installation, so that you can be assured of the highest-quality results start to finish.
Our lighting team has over 30 years of lighting design experience and is only interested in one thing, designing the best lighting system that meets all of the customer requirements.

Click the link to go to Preferred Lighting Solutions site.